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Start Up India – Stand Up India!

This was the clarion call by our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on August 15, 2015, celebrating India’s freedom and inviting the dynamic youth of the country to start an entrepreneurship revolution.
What the US, what it is, was simply creating an ecosystem to help unlock the human potential and fuel it with an entrepreneur vision and energy. This needs to be emulated, to unshackle India from the past and fly into the digital future.
Nasscom predicts that by 2020, India is estimated to have nearly 11,500 startups – an over three-fold increase from 3,500 startups today. Nearly 17,000 Crores has been invested in Indian Startups between January and May, up from about 29,000 crore in all of 2014.
We feel this is a very conservative estimate and growth. Indians have been very quick to change and learn and once the startup-bug bites enough to create a critical mass, the startup landscape is sure going to explode and grow exponentially.
The fascinating prospect of easy money, which has been flowing thanks to the emerging ecosystem of Seed, Angel and Venture Capital Investors, and the success of many in the landscape, is going to fuel the passions and clashroyale boom drive the youth of the country to quit, whatever they are doing, and jump into the start-up bandwagon. This is going to be a heady mix which is going to be difficult to ignore.
Welcome to a brand & brave new world of Startups!

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